La Rueda / the wheel

The three elements: chair, sunshade and table are integrated into a single piece which works as a structural support in ring’s shape or wheel, that offers different possibilities about its use: people sitting on both sides of the chair, lying back on the walls or just taking off the chair back we will have a bigger chair that will allows to sit until four persons; at the same time it works as a frame to watch through it the scenery where the chair is located, whether public or private use. With a maximum height of 260 cm (circumference’s diameter about 250 cm) and a location in plant of 235 cm with sunshade and 100 cm without it.

The ring is a piece composed of two circles made with steel tubular profile, which make the circumference of 250 cm then subsequently it join to the steel bars, all these with weld. Once the structure is done, we will proceed to cover the inside with a total of 49 wood planks of 15×90 cm (with the right treatment for outdoors), which are screwed to the steel profiles type L previously welded to the rings. The outside keeps the steel rings aesthetic with steel sheets that come welded to the ring. The result is a steel ring with natural aspect, recovered by a varnish to protect it from the oxidation and to attain a comfortable inside with wood presences. Once the structure is done we will continue opening three holes in the ring in order to place three steel pipes with 2” of diameter, horizontal, that support the chair back and the sunshade.

The structure rests on a reinforced concrete base of 150×50 and a maximum height of 35.45cm that continues with the arc of the ring, to control the mobility of the wheel, which is recovered with an outdoors paint in a dark blue colour (as the chair). In the other side, the chair back is composed of two wood planks that are screwed to the pipe support and others two wood planks (120×120) that cover both sides (the chair back could be removed, obtaining a variation according the necessities), with a finished with outdoors paint in a white mate colour. The chair follows the curved shape of the ring; it is made in recycled polyurethane foam, offering comfort and smoothness, it is covered with synthetic leather in dark blue colour. The sunshade is in wood with treatment for outdoors in white mate colour, it is an element simply supported on two upper steel bars, that allows to use a longer wing on the direction of the sun, at the same time it serves as a shelf to place lightweight items. The table is in wood with a finished with outdoors white mate colour, this simply fits over the ring, with support in the steel bar of the chair back that provides the option to remove it easily if it was not necessary.

Participation Information

Juan Pablo Goncalves Pita

CODE 3442

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE:  Central University of Venezuela _ Caracas – Venezuela