This is the wasting era. Due to the education on civic issues nowadays, developed country societies generate such an amount of rubbish that is blocking the Nature Cycle. The trash we generate is unable to be assimilated and changed by environment, and it contributes to pollute the Earth. Another point is the waste of materials, money and energy. We are always creating with new resources, with the negative aspects it involves, in order to recycle. But there is a wrong concept of recycling and being eco-friendly that should be changed. Being eco-friendly is not only reusing a material that is no longer useful, but using as little energy as possible. In this way professional such as designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, etc. have to get the commitment of create new projects focused on efficient energy and sustainable design. We have the opportunity and the challenge to convert dump into new constructive resources.

Actually we are submerged in a world crisis, which is not only financial. This matter has to make us reflect about the direction we are going on.
Frame: Our idea starts recycling communication trash such as aerials. Technology evolves every minute, by the time we buy a product, a new one, which will substitute the one we have, has been invented. Aerials are quartered into pieces. Each part is cleaned and assembled in the set.
Shadow system: We reuse canvas from cinema spots, publicity at streetlights or canvas from lorries that otherwise would go to the dump. Canvas are cleaned, cut and sewed for the final furniture set.

After studying some mechanisms from Nature Activity, we found interesting the way flowers behave. Plants open and close their flower depending on the need they have. Our piece of furniture opens and closes its parts depending on the needs of the user. It is composed by a main post and four canvas rings at four levels. Each level is divided into four parts (composed by ribs), so it gives the possibility of being completely opened, completely closed or part opened and part closed. The lower level is for seating (+40cm), the second level is a table (+80cm), the third level is a standing table (+120cm) and the higher level is a shading device (+240cm).

Due to the possibility of the way the elements work (independently), the set is really useful for supporting different needs depending on the situation. By the same way it makes the furniture easy storable. Finally it can be said that this project is versatile because it offers a public and private use.

The origin of the construction materials, come from elements that were used on open spaces, so for this reason our final furniture will be durable in climate conditions.

Participation Information

Iñigo  Martinez de Muniain / Kattalin Valle de Lersundi

CODE: 3430