The quest for multifunctionality Wherever people work, rest is also required. Objective of the project is to combine these two functions to each other in the most economic basis. In keeping with the start of the football World Cup 2010 in South Africa we have this piece of furniture which can repurpose depending on the situation and needs, with the colors of the national team.

Material: The usual components of the wheelbarrow, with additional hangers are made of metal. Other components are made of upholstery fabric and filling material, metal bottle holder and a tray of galvanized sheet metal.

Function / Construction: The standardized wheelbarrow for garden work was supported by changes to a multi-functional object. By flipping the second temple, which is constructed with a clip and Splintsystem, it gains in stability and becomes a seat element. The spiral-shaped bottle cage allows the safe parking of drinks and is a simple hole in the spar put the wheelbarrow. With the aid of eyes behind the pad is fixed to existing bolts. The tablet is held by a plug-in system.

Participation Information

Anna Vagelpohl

CODE: 3422