The main idea of the project is to create, with a functional, usable and easy construction-storage object, a new landscape in the territory. Not only response to the question of sitting behind a shadow, moreover to make with these pieces an architectural dialog with Nature. Thinking about this concept, we believe that a geometric and pure figure, as a white cube, can establish this conversation with the environment, giving it a new point of view that qualifies it even more. It is a dialog between geometry and Nature that increases the both realities.

The dimensions of the commented shape, is defined by the maximum possible measure (2,6 m height), to have, actually, the greatest object that can make possible the idea of ‘pieces creating landscape’, not building  tiny things that can not talk, in a proper way, with the surroundings.

If we think about landscape, we must set some real background, (although this design permits all kinds of possible sittings). Placing it on the water intensifies this idea of thinking of a new and innovative landscape: shadows on the sea. Of course, this could be possible in latitude, and an environment, as the Mediterranean coasts, like the Greeks ones.

Moreover, placing these cubes on the water, give them non-directional situations, that are changing at every time, depending of the weather and sea conditions. The created landscape is, because of that, more than one; even more, it is never the same. At night, this organic experience still shows itself to the surroundings by a self-illumination, taking the most of the Mediterranean sun.


The object is designed with the idea of making a really useable, comfortable and versatile piece. It does not have a chair or a table, it has a horizontal plane, divided in practical and human scaled modules, that, with small changes, produces a several quality spaces. It can be used by a single person, a couple or a group, that could stand, sit or lay on it. The collapsible table can be used in three different positions, giving to the whole space diverse possibilities and qualities. The cube can be also used as a private or public item; in private’s house or business, or as an urban furnishing.

When the cube is floating, the people can jump into the water and they can have a pleasure and relaxing bath, or just swim around. Relaxing, refreshing, playing, practicing sports… In fact, when the table is in an upper position, you can enjoy the water they have under it; when you have a sit, you can refresh your feet in the water.


The project is conceived as an easy carried-mounted architectural object, form by prefabricated, small and not heavy pieces. It can be put up only by two workers, with not expensive tools, and in few time.

The materials are chosen to resist hard climate and sea conditions, and they are eco-friendly, so you can reuse or recycle them. The structure it is built with plastic materials (PVC), with some parts in stainless steel (as the stairs, or the joints of the different pieces). The cushions or puffs are covered by a white plastic-leather to have a comfortable sitting and appearance, and the stors are also made with a white perforate plastic to have privacy, while you can see from the interior.

The project also thinks about renewable energies, because the textile roof, made with the same material as the stors, have on it some photovoltaic sensors that load the LEDs set in the structural bar. They illuminated all the perimeter of the cube faces, and they provide the nocturnal sight of the ‘new landscape’.

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