The project starts from the idea of modularity and robustness of the structure. Usually, such structures sacrifice the strength and firmness in favor of a simple, easy assembly.
The shape of the cube is a symbol of strength and stability of a structure.

The choice of not to use a floor for the structure was made to maintain the contact with the place where the project is located, the presence of a boundary does not allow direct access into the structure only through well-defined action, lift a foot, this simple gesture hides behind a symbol of respect for the architectural work and awareness of the existence of this.

The choice of materials is due to the demands of durability and strength of the various components allowing them to be used in indoor areas but especially outdoors even in severe weather conditions.
The structural elements are made of wood, teak, known for its strength in outdoor environments is the ideal choice for this type of installation.

The material chosen for the screening function is the COR-TEN steel, an element not customary to carry out this function, is used in this project in the form of square plates of 15cm square and 1mm thick, the choice of this particular steel has many reasons:

  • The great resistance to changing weather conditions and its durability through the oxide layer that forms on its surface.
  • The impact of the aesthetic and poetic material itself that allows a perception of the space project as a warm and welcoming placeThe choice of form is due to the ease of storage and at the same time that the shadows create the effect in the structure.
  • The choice of form is due to the ease of storage and at the same time in the effect that the shadows create into the structure.

The fastening system of steel plates is innovative and very practical, the use of magnets, which are established through a thread on steel cables which are dedicated to support the different screening plates. The weight of the plates is not a problem for this kind of magnets which can withstand much greater weights of 170g of a single plate, also the practicality of this type of attachment allows a big rapidity of construction, with the eventual possibility of customization of the project as you can remove some plates to create larger spaces, windows or skylights.

Other material in question is the cork, which is used for furniture. This wood has excellent widespread lightness and insulation, also with an appropriate treatment can be easily made waterproof.
The mode of assembly of the structure are very simple and fast, the items of furniture such as structural can be ribbeted. The structure is further reinforced with wood screws for greater stability, the steel cables are attached to eyelets screwed directly to the structure and the tension is creates with turn buckles. The shielding plates as mentioned above are fixed by magnets that make the assembly very quick and easy.
Finally, the structure because of its modularity can easy stored an is size disassembled does not exceed the cubic meter.

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