The sun terrace bed, inspired by the terraces and white spaces of Greek architecture, joins functionality, stetics and sustainability to create a whole new vacationing experience.
This outdoor furniture, which doubles as a sun bed and chair, was created for hotels and beaches. Its structure makes it easy to transport and store because it consists of a plastic sheet, (made form hybrid resins derived from starches) which is thin, so you can pile it up, roll or fold.
Sun terrace is four piece furniture, which consists of a plastic sheet, a cushion, a table, and a stake.
This is how it works:
The plastic sheet folds inserting one end on the other. Then the table is inserted into the stake which is embedded in the cushion and then on the plastic sheet to remain as an axis, so the seat can rotate in the sand away from the sun.
The main material of the sun terrace is the plastic. To make it eco friendly, the sheet is made of a Hybrid Resin which is starch-based, made from corn, wheat, tapioca and potato. These resins are a cost-competitive alternative to traditional fossil fuel- based resins and can be substituted in a wide range of applications for manufacturing. There are currently 12 resin formulations available at Cereplast.

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