Vectal: name of my outdoor furniture proposal  comes from two words: “Vegetal” (field I inspired to design it) and “Ductal®” (the special concrete material that I would like to use for making stool and table basement). The aim of Vectal is to obtain an informal seating and shading system, practical, light and resistant at the same time.

To do this, I think to use a special kind of concrete material: the Ductal®. When you look Vectal stool and table, it seems they are heavy and fixed to the ground, but it isn’t so: using this concrete aggregate, you can make very thick (5-8mm about) and light molded parts .

Ductal® is an innovative technology which covers a family of high performance concretes with exceptional characteristics in terms of mechanical resistance (compressive strengths up to 200 MPa, flexural tensile strength beyond 40 MPa), durability, abrasion resistance, and resistance against chemical and environmental attack (freeze and thaw, salt water, etc.).

Ductal® , composed of organic fibers, is recyclable as concrete aggregate when his lifecycle is finished.

Interesting and innovative are also the matching between concrete (for making the basement) and the plastic (for making stool seating, table plan and the joint for shading device).

Plastic I think to use is polyethylene (LDPE) : it is characterized by good mechanical and chemical resistance, tensile strength and recyclability.

Parts in LDPE are obtained by rotomolding process: with this technology you can make object empty on the inside.

The umbrella cloth is made by white Batyline R (“R” as in recycled) : this is a fabric manufactured from raw materials resulting from some recycling processes.

Whole materials I used for Vectal are recyclables, washables and without maintenance.

I designed the whole furniture system using friendly and bio-morphic shapes: in this way, it seems that Vectal is an integral part of the garden. However, Vectal can be used also for furnishing interior spaces, especially in contract situations.

Special regard is employed for storing and delivering aspect: the umbrella is closable; table and stools are dismountable to reach good storage performances.

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