This design try to find an alternative to be versatile so  the customer could have fun and think about how he prefer to use it, since it has several modes of use, either the complete set or just the bunk directly to the ground or umbrella or wrongly design continues to be fun and different.

As regards the material proposed for construction chose PLA of polypropylene plastic biodegrable which can disintegrate in life one adopts or prefer either a short or longer life time.

Returning to the point of the versatility of the product, this to start comes in a range of colors such as: Orange, yellow, red, green and black is black is designed more than nothing for indoor or probably some Greek housing terraces, the BI-LOUNGE is intended primarily to hotels can deliver a better service to their customers without the same hotel this suffer from having to obtain a large space to save this furniture.

Furniture be can be stacked one above the other and reduces space, the legs are modular and just give them a half turn can join female male way and forms a sort of table or bench which can also be used with the bunk put directly into e l ground because that is a little taller than the bunk but not so exaggerated that one has lifted from the bunk in order to achieve things previously register in the legs.

BI-LOUNGE is intended for an audience that wants to be different, is thought about or inspired by the  Mexican colorful culture which is extraverted, fun and not afraid to express themselves, the BI-LOUNGE furniture wants to catch that vibrates to persons coming in contact with him, it somehow with BI-LOUNGE is that people want to see it and be thinking of that hobble would use it that person directly not only is another bunk on the beach one spends long.

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