The idea of this project is to create a structure without columns and free from any work treangolare scheme, it’s an open space formed by a broken egg. The structure is removable steel and  based on a deformed oval. It’s covered with the aluminum panels and the glass removable,and each component has the function to absorb vibrations so that they formed a complex and interdependent structure. It can turn the fresh air through the holes in one side of the egg,and this way can avoid the heat and the humidity in the summer. The table and the chair are designed with the arc-shaped,it’s more suitable for  the entire idea of egg shape with the concept of flow senses.

The materials of the surface are only two kinds:aluminum panel and glass. The combination of these two materials form a strong contrast, giving a strong visual impact . And the materials of the whole structure are the steels with the white paint. The white structural elements create large openings to give life to an interior light, bright and airy.

The construction procedures are very simple,every component of stick of steel is independent that mount with the node of steel,the whole structure is like a shell, lightweight but durable. There is another device on the every node that can fix the aluminum panels and the glass. It’s easy and rapid to fix the every component into together.

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