A rolling shutter like an unitary element which integrate a seat, a table and a shading device. All elements are treaties with the same morphological approach.
We use a simple, universal and easily avaible shading device transformed into a modular and flexible membrane.
It allows a dinamic and changing space, away from the direct solar radiation. It creates an elaborate game of light/shadow that is never the same.
The manueverability of the shelter allows us to bend it into a seat and a table ergonomically confortable.

The FRAME is composed by an assembled structure in recycled polycarbonate that guarantees staticity and easy storage, but also durablility in climate conditions.
Because of its lightness, It permits simplicity of carriage and assembly.
Also the COVER is composed by a curved panel in recycled polycarbonate, but is coated with photovoltaic (pv) skins that feeds stripes of LED lights, put into the staves of the shelter. These pv guarantees energetic self-sufficiency of our project with rechargeable batteries setteled between the roof and the rolling shutter.
This use of light creates a suggestive lantern games at night and also allows maximum usability during the evening.
The ROLLING are multicolor and composed by different material because they are recupered. Every sigle design product is different by another, it prmits chromaticism and materic configurations that are never the same.

Construction procedure:

  1. Join the frames, composed by two pieces (the lower and the higher) by a joint.
  2. Insert the floor, the seat,the table and the coverage (in polycarbonate) by joints in the frame for freeze the structures.
  3. Hook the rolling shutter to the frame and insert the staves into it.
  4. Hook to the axis of the rolling and to the circolar axis of the frame the belts.
  5. Enjoy !

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