My point behind the design seat / table / sunshade was to create a shading system which first would fit in as many outdoor, private and public. This could be erected in places whether they are parks and squares in the city or hotels and clubs by the sea. Secondly I wanted to give a simple and frugal line without tiring man with large excesses and contradictions. Finally, I intended to give the whole system an ease of manufacture, transport, set-up and maintenance and at the same time keeping costs low.

Materials and construction:
The materials of construction can be accessed by all manufacturers, they are easy to form and assembled and have relatively low cost.

More analytic: The columns have an oval cross section and consist of an alloy steel which is formed by cold methods, and finally finished with an electrostatic white paint. The base is welded to the column. The embedding to the prepared ground is done with screws.

The tent is the most important elements of the construction because it should be resistant to the bad weather as the sun, rain, pollution, dust and snow. Because of this I chose white canvas material coated with PVC coating for protection from UV radiation. If damage, is fairly easy to change by any qualified technician without needed any specialized knowledge. For the connection with the columns I used tensioning wires Φ1cm with safety hooks at both ends. One hook catches on the hole in the top of the column and the other side on the metal ring of the tent.
I would like to add here that the tent has a slight tilt to one side so if rains it does not hold water.

The table and chairs follow the same aesthetic, therefore they share common material. Their frame is made of steel and rim of the table has F5cm while the legs of both table and seats have an oval diameter of 8.5cm x 6cm and they are electrostatically painted with white paint.
The rest of the table & seats components consist of long and short boards made by teak wood which are attached on the frame with screws.

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