The project born by an idea, this idea follows a project’s unit. When we try to built something whit a seat, a table and a shading device, we thought to organize the three elements in only one. For us, the idea “all in one”, is a new view about these architectural elements where the people spend a lot of time of the day.

So, when we began to create the project and the start shape, we tried to design a strong “body unit”. “Unit” is a magic word in us shade.

Other special word is the “movement” too. Usually the seat, the table and the shading device are objects where the persons have lunch, dinner, work, and exc. All acts without action. So we try to integrate the “movement” in the shape that remembers the wind move in the end.

The third point, very important for developing the work, is the “relax”. The seat and the table have designed with this objective. For example the seat has seen by the cultures in a lot of different kinds. The Indians see it like one small carpet where they sit on. So, their view is different for shape and for use by others countries. We think a seat’s surface for the people that have needing relax.
We have worked with a similar morphological approach for every parts of the project, and we have followed the three points: unit, movement and relax.

Material’s Choice.
The “skeleton” and “spine” of the structure is composed by two steel’s backs and they follow the idea’s shape. The table’s material is white PVC can be modelled by hot pressing into desired forms and it’s 100% recyclable. Dark Wood and PVC compound the seat. The shading device is composed by transparent fabric.

Construction procedures.
The easy procedure construction is the base of the project. We have divided the shape in three elements: wood and PVC seat, PVC table and transparent fabric shading device. These three elements are connected by the steel’s structure.
This procedure allows the factories to produce easily the product. The project is possible to assemble on the site.

Participant Information