Baobab’s tree can be considered an important Africa’s symbol.  A huge and powerful tree, that it seems a way to join sky and earth.
It’s leaf, it’s fruit and it’s roots can feed and cure. It’s spirit projects the villages and it is so much respected by the villagers that nobody can cut it down, only natural events can feel it. For all these properties it is called also magic tree and tree of life.

Our proposal starts from the concept of power and magic that resideins in the inner of this tree. Baobab is a construction for exterior space formed of seat, table and a shading device.
The baobab’s shape remembers in fact a tree. The main element is the sunbreak which live a strong tree is deeply rooted in the ground and from it’s branches germinate the elements that compose the whole system.

The bearing structure is formed of 3 different level characterized by the presence of a branch whom is applied a wooden stand. That from time to time assumes a different function.
In the lowest level there is the table, it’s shape of eptadecagon takes up again the geometrical stylization used for the log. At the second branch it’s hooked a swing that adds a playful value at the structure.
In short, at the third level there is a smaller branch than the others. At this one is fixed a light point which can be insert like an optional. Instead the seat isn’t a part of the structure. It’s formed of a back realized with painted aluminium, seating with arms and legs with teak.

Participation Information

DanielaBalboni / Alice Solato

CODE 3481

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE:  ISIA Faenza (www.isiafaenza.it)