The Conjunto Balandra is a whole outdoor furniture set with the ability to store, and takes up very little space, considering that can provide 4 seats at once. Design is identified as having a whole flat surfaces with slight curves and structures to give a feeling of lightness and modernity.

The room has 2 tables, 4 sticks, fabric, 2 small floor chairs and a big chair that also can function as a sunbed, turning and you get a different profile in which the body can rest in a different position. Within this last seat, you can insert the other 2 seats, the 2 tables and the fabric when the room is stored and you want to transport it. The only items that are not up to the principal seat are the sticks of the fabric, which can occupy less space getting inside itself.

The idea began to have a product made from a single surface, but to integrate 2 different profiles, to provide dual functionality (chair – sunbed). And getting the volume, it was observed that the upper surface and the posterior area was wasted, so I decided to take the profile to generate more items within this area, and give rise to a complete outdoor furniture set.

In terms of materials, these were sought to resist enough time in exterior to give a long product life. All surfaces are finished in fiberglass resin, with the advantage of being able to implement a variety of colors and finishes. Tubes sticks, and the reinforcements of chairs and tables are made of stainless steel, type 430, which is highly resistant to corrosion even outdoors. The fabric, which is responsible for providing shade to the set, is made of polylactide (PLA), thinking it to be the less resistant part, so it can degrade quickly. Finally it uses Buna -N O’rings, characterized by its resistance to external conditions.

Processes for producing this set are very simple, and they are few. For fiberglass parts, you need to make the model for the mold and then reproduce each piece as many times as desired. By applying fiberglass and resin, reinforcements are added, so that when the mixture solidifies, are fixed inside surfaces and give resistance. The reinforcements are cut and sanded from a metal sheet. For the sticks of the fabric, stainless steel tubes of different thicknesses and a bar of this same material, are turned to give the wanted finished.

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