The Stripe Chair consists on a chair that is adaptable to different positions and inclinations. It can be used as a sun bed, as well as a lounger; it can have a shade included or it can also work as back support.

It also includes an adjustable table that has a slot that can be inserted anywhere in the chair, depending on the angle or position you decide to use your chair on; it is the exact same material as the rest of the chair and it is removable, in case you don’t need it.

The main idea of the chair is to have something that can adjust to any need, and that is somewhat collapsible to have an easier storage. and that is durable for using in exteriors, as well as eco-friendly, using materials that can be easily restored.

Material Choice

The main material used in the project is Bamboo, which is a renewable resource, and it can be easily found in nature. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, it can grow up to 39 inches in a period of 24 hours, and it is a more durable, more ecological and smarter alternative to wood.

It has the same resistance as some of the most exotic woods, though due to its denseness it does not absorb water or humidity as easy as wood, so it can be said that is more water-resistant than wood

The secondary material used to help assembly the chair is Austenitic 316 Stainless Steel, used in a pipe and a lock to help keep everything together.

Construction Procedures

The chair consists on cut-outs taken from laminated bamboo, taken from a bamboo plaque, that then you need to assemble using a couple of stainless steel pipes, that go across every piece alternating the parts in a serial plane mode, giving shape to the chair. And then it needs a finish to help it endure the climate

The table is also made from the same material; the top needs a milling to make little ridges and add two half circles in the bottom to make the insert support.

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