We live in a changing world. People are trying to adapt to new times through technology… And change the world…. Sometimes good changes…. Others…  changes…nothing else…
Changes and decisions give us comfort and facilities, but the price you pay for them is too much for the environment.
Solution is not to punish but also to reward. Forbid is forbidden, only congratulations and rewards to ecological actions are welcome.
VIR project is not only building using ecological materials if also rewarding those who avoid climate change. A tribute for those “Very Important Recyclers”.
The project Vir, the ecologists are the protagonist because they will have advantages over others; they will enjoy the benefits of VIR project.

You will be consider a VIR only if you are the owner of a VIR card.
The “Vir card” will enable its owner to have all the advantages of VIR project.
VIR card are three different sizes skins. They can be placed in a skeleton of a new “urban animal” that opens a door to a world of environmentally friendly services.
VIR citizen as part of VIR project will be in charge of its functioning; in compensation they will have lots of benefits.

– VIR project will offer:
Light and power to all users via photovoltaic panels placed on the shadow device and on the table.
A seat and a table in which enjoy comfortably (using the VIR card), all the advantages of being environmentally friendly.
In short, reward the spirit of the environment-friendly citizens. This way they will be considered Very Important Citizens, because they will have advantages over others.

For material choice the ecological origin has been considered. The materials proposed are:

Pulp (Lyocell): It is biodegradable and recyclable. It has low carbon emissions and low energy use. Furthermore little water is required in the manufacturing process. No need to be bleached with chemicals, and no electricity will be used because is a non-iron material. The Lyocell will be extracted from sustainable forests and will be coloured with a natural dye.
The VIR card is property of VIR user. In addition to the public polyethylene devices, it can be used as a table, a seat. Otherwise it may have other daily uses (such as towel for home, for example), because their different sizes make it possible.

Bio-renewable polyethylene: made from ethanol, which is converted into ethylene after a drying process. Their raw materials may be sugar cane, sugar beet and wheat grain.
The result is equal to that derived from oil and natural gas, but  we wil have all the advantages of recycling.
The approximate amount of ethanol needed to make a metric ton of polyethylene is approximately two metric tons of ethanol because dehydration is half the weight in water.
The benefits will be: The string produced green polyethylene allows a greater reduction in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to other polymers, due to the high capacity of the ethylene molecule in carbon storage reaching 86% compared with other biopolymers.

VIR citizen will be rewarded:
The high umbrella, will host a public WIFI antenna used by the users. In addition some solar panels will allow the umbrella serve as lamppost.
The board will also have solar panels. Each table will be a socket in which to perform some daily emergency activities, as plug any electronic device in for recharging. Energy points that make us life easier in the technological world we live.
A world of benefits for those citizens who take care the environment, and who are worried about the planet.

Participant Information

Jesús Montero Veiga