The project prepared at the initiative bankruptcy. Outdoor Living is a very simple prototype consists of a few elements linked to the rational tradition and Italian composed of fluid and harmonious lines. The prototype is inspired by research in architectural style inspired by the 70s just some drawings by the architect Pierluigi Nervi. The concept of harmony between the elements tends to be satisfied, moreover, as required by the notice, elements share the same design language and form.The module is presented as a single object when it is’ closed,easily transportable and certainly of great visual effect in both closed and open position.
Once you open the box, inside you will find the necessary elements for a quick and easy assembly.

Phases and preparazioen mounting.
Open the box and remove the cloth and wooden items.
Arrange chairs in a polycarbonate to form a square of Demension
Once formed to extract the square from the top of the chair supports cylindrical telescopic commonly used for fishing. These tubes can be raised or lowered depending on daily sunshine.
Take the cloth inside the box and hook the ends’ of the tubes through eyelets in the corners of the same,adjust the heights of the four tubes.

Once you place the canvas to fix the wooden elements engaging in meetings, creating an x,overlay the cylindrical element made of wood and attach the round table on it. Ready to enjoy a beautiful day of sun and relaxation.

The materials which are designed to be used are materials derived from recycled wood and plastics as materials resistant to physical agents and natural as the sun, rain, salt air and humidity. Be assured that the choice appropiata and the quality of the material will come out of an object durable over time, portable, removable and aesthetically pleasing.

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