Package is a new concept of integration – ALL-IN-ONE. It’s a functional design based in the integration of elements dependant of each other. The design allows to easily pack all the elements in a 150x150x25cm package.

When open, it occupies a volume of 300x300x250cm.

It has two modes of use, the Terrace Mode has its table at a height of 80cm and it can easily be raised to 105cm to be used in its Cocktail Mode. Chairs are designed to easily be converted into stools and be folded.

When closed the table turns, chairs are stocked on its back face and the shade closes to become the package.

I can be closed but not removed, the Sleeping Mode allows to have the elements in its place but safe with a locking system.

According to product design and sustainable standards, galvanized Steel is used to build the structure, while the table and chairs are made of copper treated wood for its outdoor use.

Its base is connected to a pavement insertion which allows to connect the fluorescent lights to the electrical network.

Contact Information

Joan Travé Urgell & Joan agué Cassany

CODE : 3412