Inside this cube are placed a comfortable seat, a shading device and a table.
The iron structure is composed of tubular square section with a width of 6 cm welded together to form two concentric squares. It’s easy to build and consists of a few elements: two pins, one above and one below, so it is smooth to fold and store.

The screen element is composed of a Hessian, durable and lightweight. Besides to protecting from the sun this tent increases the stiffness of the structure: when Eclipse is closed it takes up little space, when it is opened it can be hooked to the 4 vertical elements hanging with some simple rings.

The seat is made with the same eco material of the shading device: it consists of a metal ring with a diameter of 1.70 m hunged to the rest of the structure by means of simple chains. The seat is comfortable and can be used as chair or recliner: can accommodate 2-3 persons.

The table is dimensioned to avoid unnecessary bulk. It’s integrated at the seat, in particular, is welded to the ring that compose it. It’s very stable because the chains that bear the two elements are located so as to impede oscillations.

Eclipse was born from the desire to integrate the three elements required in a single structure easy to implement and that could be placed in different places: a park, a square, on the beach, in a public  or private place. The eclipse seen through the surrealism art of Magritte and Mirò: the combination of linear shapes and elemental geometry makes it a particular item, but at the same time simple and unobtrusive.

Contact Information

Roberto Mitolo
CODE : 3441
Politecnico di Torino – Italy