Loving Outdoors is a Youth Competition of Product Design. Its subject is a threedimension construction for exterior space, that is a synthesis consisted of a seat, a table and a shading device.

KORMOS Technical Editions LTD company, which is located at 13 Kritis str., N.Ionia, Athens, 14231(Organizer), is organizing a competition and its subject is “Product Design for exterior spaces:
A synthesis consisted of a seat, a table and a shading device.


1. It is a youth competition. Only students in public and private educational institutes and young people up to 32 years old can enter the competition. The competitors can take part as individuals or in groups. Employees of KORMOS Technical Editions LTD, members of the evaluation committee, and relatives of 1st degree of the persons mentioned above, cannot enter the competition. Competitors with their entry, accept the entry terms as referred below.

2. Every single competitor transfers the copyrights to the Organizer as far as the publication of the projects via media is concerned. The same projects cannot take part in different competitions or be used to different events until the expiration day of Loving Outdoors competition (1st July – 12th December 2010).

3. According to Greek laws (L. 2472 / 1997, D.l. 207 / 1998. D.l. 79 / 2000 and n.8 N. 2819 / 2000) as far as the European laws (dir. 95/46/EK and dir. 97/66/EK), the Organizer is requiring the following data: Name, Surname, Birth Date, Telephone number and Electronic address for the immediate contact with the competitors. Entries are valid only when the forms are filled with correct and real data.

4. Each entry should include original and unpublished projects and designs. Projects that participate concurrently to other competitions, underlie to third parties legal rights and include advertising messages will be rejected.

5. Organizer has the rights to change the competition terms without previous announcement. Every change to the terms will be announced via www.sunandshadowexpo.gr. The Organizer has the right to cancel the competition procedures in each of the phases without any justification.

6. Those who are interested to entry the competition must first of all complete the electronic form on sunandshadowexpo.gr / EVENTS / Loving Outdoors until 10/11/2010 in order to receive the Entry Code Number. Secondly, they must send their project in an electronic file described in the SPECIFICATIONS LOVING OUTDOORS file. The entries can be sent from Thursday, July 1st 2010, the official date of the competition announcement until the expiration date that is on Tuesday, November 30th 2010, 24:00. After the expiration date no entries will be accepted.