Judges 2010

Manolis Vrachnis

Architect, Civil Engineer, Athens TEI pofessor

Was born in Piraeus-Greece (1953).

He is an architect and civil engineer and  also teaches as an Assistant Professor in TEI -Athens (Higher Technological Educational Institute) in the department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design.

He has designed a lot of constructions, i.e. houses, villas, multi store houses, shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and a lot of furnitures.

Manolis Iliakis

Manolis Iliakis (MA Architecture & Spatial Culture) studied Architecture–Spatial Design and Stage Design in Athens, Halle, Dessau and London. His research interests focus on the interdisciplinary practice of architecture and dance during the 20th century; towards this goal, he has collaborated with choreographers and dancers. Some of his recent projects include the participation in the 11th Biennale of Young Artists and in the International Art and Technology Festival Medieterra 02, Action Field Kodra 07, the organization of a workshop for architects and dancers in Isidora Duncan Centre and the film “Body Wall” (1st Award, Thessaloniki Video Dance Film Festival).

As a freelance architect, he works in architectural projects for commercial and private spaces. In 1999 he founded with Maria Remoundou the Architectural and Design studio YOLKSTUDIO. Moreover, with the support of the Danish Institute in Athens, he made a research on Jorn Utzon’s Bagsvaerd church, which concluded in an exhibition presented in January 2004. He is writing articles about Architecture and Art.

He teaches Architectural Composition in Vakalo College of Art and Design and is an Accredited Lecturer of Derby Univesity. He is an active member of the International Association of Art (IAA) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).


Athanasios Babalis

Athanasios Babalis is an industrial designer based in Thessaloniki Greece.

He studied product and furniture design at the London Metropolitan University and at the Royal College of Art in London, England.

His professional career started in London as a freelance designer and continued in New York where he worked for seven years for companies such as Dimensional Media Associates Inc. and Dakota Jackson Inc.. In 2003 he returned to Thessaloniki where he opened his design studio. In 2004 he founded the design team COR3 and in 2006 he became professor of Furniture Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Larisa, at the department of Wood and Furniture Design and Technology in Karditsa, Greece.