Product Design Competition: Seat – Table – Shading system

We will soon present you our new website where all participation and awards will be presented!

Public Voting: The 10% in PHASE 1 will be by the audience’s votes. You have to LIKE Sun&Shadow expo @ FACEBOOK here and then LIKE your favorite picture here. Public voting until 6/12/2010.

New Date: The deadline to submit for the Entry Code is now: 29/11/2010, 23.59 p.m. (not 10 November as mentioned in the Entry Terms).

Concurrently to the organization of  Sun&Shadow expo 2010, KORMOS Technical Editions LTD company organizes the youth competition Loving Outdoors. Subject of the competition is: three-dimension construction for exterior space, consisted of a seat, a table and a shading device. Students and young people up to 32 years old can take part.

The submission of candidates’ applications begins on the July 1st 2010 and expires on the 30th November 2010.

The different elements included in the construction should have similar morphological approach. The different elements (seat – table – shading device) can be an integrated construction or they can be separated.

The construction must be suitable for use at a private or public place.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria according to those the evaluation committee will choose the final three projects to be awarded are the following:

* Innovative synthesis choices and materials’ combination
* Accuracy and effectiveness of materials’ choice (durable in external conditions). Possible use of eco-friendly, recyclable or recycled materials.
* Functionality – ergonomics of the construction
* Innovation of the project and design quality
* Clarity of the project’s presentation
* Changeability
* Easy-storage
* Project’s Effectuation (the structure can be constructed)

Evaluation procedures

The 20 high scored entries will be discriminated by the evaluation committee and the public, will pass to the 2nd PHASE that will be finally re-evaluated by the committee.

The evaluation committee will take into consideration all the criteria and sum up the points of each project in order to designate the three master ones.

The awards will be announced in a special ceremony during Sun&Shadow expo 2010. The ceremony will take place in Expo Athens exhibition centre on the 12th of December 2010.

In case the Organizer cannot contact one of the participants – winners, he/she looses the prize. The prize is then given to the participant with the next higher score.
Evaluation committee members

The evaluation committee will be constituted by the professors of the educational institutes that cooperate with the competition, 2 independent persons that will be soon announced. The 10% in PHASE 1 will be by the audience’s votes. The vote will be accomplished electronically (more details will soon be published). All the projects will be published on December the 1st and can be voted by the audience until December the 7th ,2010.


Initiation date: 1/7/2010

Final submission date: 30/11/2010 (24.00)

Presentation of the 20 projects: 10-13 December 2010 (during Sun&Shadow expo 2010)
Competition prizes

* 1st PRIZE : 3000 €
* 2nd PRIZE: 1500 €
* 3nd PRIZE: 500 €